C2c with Sissy Mistress OriginalJessica needs punish week men

The weakness of My sub in front of Me is a immense turn on! Perceiving of the Power I have over you, turning a guy into a worm, tears in your eyes, milking your bank account and spending your money providing you nothing in swap than pain and sufference! – You need a brainy classy Caining Mistress to manage you. You would do anything to be at my soles serving my demands, idolizing me like a princess.Spoiling me is the finest thing you will do today! Work for me and give me your wallet, as you see my aggressive sneer, wich gets from u everything u have! i want to torment you Until loss of consciousness! Ravage your huge wallet , drain you dry and demolish your pounding fuckholes bitch! i can scent your weakness so come and obey me now!i like old sissy, agony slave!

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